Quick pulse check, advisory counseling, targeting assistance for your next job search, and long-term career planning support

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☑️ MAPP Assessment
The MAPP™ career test is the first and most comprehensive career test online for consumers. More than 8 million people in nearly every country in the world have taken the MAPP test since its inception in 1995. The 22-minute MAPP test comprises 71 different questions regarding your ‘likes’ and ‘dislikes’ and should be taken rather quickly since the ‘reflexive’ answer is preferable to the ‘intellectual’ answer.

☑️ 1-hour review, 2-hour advisory sessions, role/title matching
The MAPP-certified career coach will spend a full hour presenting and interpreting the results. These results serve the immediate purpose of targeting jobs, roles, and titles to help you begin your immediate job search while forming the basis of a career match.

☑️ Strategic Career Plan

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