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Amelia Hanibelsz
Amelia HanibelszExecutive Director Development, ABC News Studios
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I can highly recommend Job Seekers and Chui. I had my resume updated with their service, and since then, I have had many new exciting opportunities presented to me. The team is thoughtful and takes the time to listen to your needs, intentions, and aspirations. Putting your career intentions out into the universe is the first step, and Job Seekers can help support you on that journey. I am thankful for their support.
Jeanine Triplett
Jeanine TriplettExecutive Vice-President at the Delta Sigma Pi Fraternity Leadership Foundation
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As of December, I like many, found my self without a job. I connected with Chui and his team to get their advice for an overhaul and refresh of my resume. Not only have they provided resume advice, but a entire approach to how to be successful with a job search in 2021. I feel that they honestly want me to be successful and will provide the guidance and structure I need to succeed and find my next career opportunity. I now feel well equipped to tackle the full-time job of finding my next employment opportunity and the next chapter of my career!
Laura Perenyi, SPHR
Laura Perenyi, SPHRStrategic Human Resources Leadership
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As CEO of The Job Helpers, Chui is an excellent partner with leaders seeking outplacement services for displaced team members. Chui and his team will work with the candidate/client to on their resumes, offering good advice not just on formatting, but on content. Chui goes a step further, offering career coaching, interviewing tips, and skill development. I enjoy Chui's passion and positivity. He's a pleasure to work with.
Rajeendra Pemathilaka, Ph.D.
Rajeendra Pemathilaka, Ph.D.Field Service Engineer at H.E.L Group
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I'm warning everyone! If you use Chui's services, be prepared to get busy day and night. Because you are about to get back-to-back interviews until you are hired! ★★★★★ for the service!
Natalie Spiro, MA, MBA
Natalie Spiro, MA, MBA Director of Learning and Development delivering award-winning programs for F100 clients globally
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I lost my business during Covid and was devastated, as most people could imagine. I was referred to two different resume writers. I spent money and had NO ROI. Then I found Chui and his team. He used a very clever marketing technique. He sent me a report of all the was wrong with my resume. I contacted him immediately. I am an absolute and sold FAN of Chui and his team. They are brilliant, they hit every element that was important, at the get go. Chui went above and beyond in coaching me on LI networking strategy, do's and dont's of interviewing, which was priceless. I got my FIRST interview literally a week later. I have now referred him to 4 different people who are all using his services. I highly recommend Chui. I am inspired by his professionalism, efficiency, integrity, and smarts.
RuthAnn (RuthAnn Scheelk) Wicks, PFC
RuthAnn (RuthAnn Scheelk) Wicks, PFCCEO, Founder, Executive Director, Uncommon Integrity Business Contracting Services
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I highly recommend Chui as a professional resume writer. When I received my resume from him for reviewal, I was absolutely astonished. I read through it and thought to myself that whoever's resume this is, she is highly skilled and accomplished. Then, I remembered that the resume I was reading was mine and everything in it was absolutely true! Chui had merely taken the information I gave him and put together an amazing document that is sure to be noticed by recruiters.

My work history is complicated. I was not getting noticed by the resume I'd written myself and because I have a vast array of experience, I really couldn't understand why I was not getting called for interviews. After Chui reviewed the resume I sent him he told me what was wrong, why it was wrong, and what recruiters are looking for now when they are inundated with resumes. In looking now at what I sent him versus what he created, I can see the difference. And, I'm for once hopeful that I'll find the right position and be hired.

If you have been in the workforce for many years like me and are looking for a new position, or even if you are just staring out, I really recommend that you contact Chui. For the first time in a long time I have hope. Thank you, Chui!
Jayson Phillip, LSSGB
Jayson Phillip, LSSGBDirector - Supply Fleet Operations - US Navy
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It is a pleasure to write this recommendation for Chulaka Chui Senanayake. Chulaka reached out to me to help me in a time of need, I would highly recommend Chulaka if you are looking to spark up your resume' to get more attention from companies or anyone. Chulaka is very professional, kind, understanding and was willing to work with me during this very hard time. He quickly identified and made recommendations, thus I decided to become a client of his and am glad that I did! I feel that my resume' now has what it takes to attract my skill set to companies, not only did he rewrite and redesign my resume he spark my career.

Thank you Chulaka you the best. G.O.A.T
Ginger Cerceo
Ginger CerceoDirector of Operations
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My husband and I came to Chui's organization when we were moving from Minnesota to Virginia in September 2020. I have never had a professional resume written, but when I got my final product, I was amazed at what I was seeing. I kept reading it and was in disbelief at how my story was captured. It was a piece of artwork, and it was me. The best part is my husband and I became part of Chui's organization and I have fallen in love with my job!
Anthony Blake
Anthony BlakeCustomer Success Director
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It is a pleasure to write this recommendation for Chulaka Chui Senanayake. Chui reached out to me to help me in a time of need. Chui is very professional, kind, understanding and was willing to work with me during a very hard time. Not only did he rewrite and redesign my resume, he did the same for my wife. We both are very grateful for his services, but we are equally grateful for the time and care he took with us both..
Omar Robert El-Khoury
Omar Robert El-Khoury Structural Engineer & Seismic Analyst
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Mr. Senanayake provided a meticulous and quality service in revising my LinkedIn account, resume, and cover letter. I appreciated his follow-up on my job hunt and his effort in sharing his knowledge and expertise. All in all, he offered a resourceful consultation. It is without hesitation I recommend Mr. Senanayake to rescuing anyone's writing.
Dinushi DeLoach
Dinushi DeLoachSenior Consultant
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A full-time working mom of two littles is sure no walk in the park. With only 24 hours in the day juggling multiple things, I sure did not have the time nor the expertise to update / rewrite my resume. This was the first time I had tried a professional resume writing service, and honestly, I was a bit skeptical. A lot of the services just seemed more designed to get you into other add-ons and services and pestered you incessantly for just visiting their site - but not Job Helpers. They have a simple straight forward site with no outlandish claims and no pressure.

I explained and inquired about the level of service most appropriate to my situation and got prompt and clear answers. I made my purchase and sent in my previous resume. I was assigned a writer within a day who had a zoom call with me to discuss my resume and interests. Within couple of days, I received my first draft. I was super impressed. It was very well done managing to portray me for who I am so positively, that I never would have managed that on my own. We iterated over the next few days with a few tweaks I was delivered a product that I'm very impressed and extremely pleased with. Not only I have received compliments about my resume. I was reached out by recruiters within days of updating my LinkedIn content that after two weeks of interviewing process and multiple job offers, I have accepted a truly amazing job.

Chui and the Job Helpers team is extremely professional and attentive. They listened to my concerns with my original resume, provided great feedback, and wrote a resume that makes me feel proud of my career accomplishments. I highly recommend the Job Helpers team.

Susith Dunukara
Susith DunukaraSupplier Development Engineer
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Chui worked on my Resume, Cover Letter, and the LinkedIn Profile Content which got me a job as a Manufacturing Engineer. He was exceptional, attention to detail was immaculate, and the content was outstanding. Highly recommend his work, and he knows how to bring out the best in people.
Bryan Guinn
Bryan GuinnTechnology Executive
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Chui has done an amazing job every time I have engaged with him. I have engaged others over the years to provide similar services and his work stands out above the rest. I will absolutely continue to work with him when the opportunity arises and highly recommend you do the same!
Ben Idan
Ben IdanCEO & Director of Sales
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Chui is an accurate representation of his company. He provided top-notch service that went above and beyond my demands. He represents a company that actually cares about their clients and goes the extra mile. Highly recommend working with them; the personal touch cannot be beat and above all their performance/skills/abilities are excellent. These guys are the real deal; they’re Trustworthy and know what they’re doing.
Robert Hazzard, Jr.
Robert Hazzard, Jr.Managing Director
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When I needed a resume refresh I connected with Chui and his team at The Job Helpers which turned out to be the best decision I could have made. The post-interview strategy sessions proved quite helpful and I would encourage others to give them a call.
Tessa Collins, CSP
Tessa Collins, CSP Safety Manager
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Chui and The Job Helpers assisted me with interview after interview and multiple offers with really high potential companies within weeks. First interview came in only a week after redoing my resume, cover letter and LinkedIn. They also applied for jobs for me, and let me tell you this was the best experience!
I have recommended them to several of my colleagues now. Look no further than The Job Helpers during a job search. They are the best at helping you find your dream job!
Lisa Hammack
Lisa HammackSenior Director
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I have worked with Chui and his team a couple of times over the past few years and they helped me think differently about my job search by providing valuable insights about the market and what type of jobs I was looking for. The assistance he provided in updating my resume and setting up my LinkedIn profile for success helped me find the right position for me at the time, and resulted in multiple offers and opportunities. I would highly recommend giving Chui a call if you need resume assistance or even job advice!!
Richard Butto
Richard Butto Regional Operations Support Manager
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I have been working with Chui and his team " Job Helpers" now for the past couple of months. I had them redo my resume and am getting AMAZING results with call backs and prospects. We are now working on "my brand" and linkedin. Thank you Chui and Job Helpers!
Makeba Magambo
Makeba MagamboLead Pastor Executive Assistant
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I was shopping around for someone to help revamp my resume and got in touch with "the Job Helpers". They are professional and had a handful of tips and suggestions.
When I received my first draft of my resume, I was so impressed. It was almost like reading about another individual.
I would highly recommend them to help you with your profile, resume, cover letters and anything job related. Stellar work. I start my new job in Feb!
Kristen Stephenson
Kristen StephensonAssociate District Manager
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After almost 12 years at a company, I found myself looking for help from Chui and his team at The Job Helpers to provide assistance with a new resume, LinkedIn profile, and interview prep. I received my new resume within days and was immediately able to start sending it out to recruiters, friends and apply for new roles. Since the last time I interview was over a decade ago, Chui made sure I not only knew the types of questions to prepare for, but also worked with me over multiple sessions to perfect my answers. 19 days later and I had a job! Thank you to Chui and team! I am so grateful for your expertise and help!
Sly Onyia, Esq.
Sly Onyia, Esq.Associate Attorney
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Chui, is not only highly skilled at resume writing but has a true passion for helping give insight on what employers are looking for beyond what’s on paper. Chui’s dedication is what makes him easy to talk to and he is someone who I consider a mentor.
Lisa LaRusso
Lisa LaRussoDirector of Sales and Business Development
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Chui listened to me attentively, and engaged, mentored, and coached me through my thirty minute “free” call. I consider that one of the most valuable steps I made in this journey.
He clearly selects his team with great pride as each one of them is as kind. A job search can be one of the most stressful events in a person’s life and I can say with the upmost honestly that there is no better organization to take that journey with than the company Chui founded.

I am now confident that I do not only consider myself a client but a friend.

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