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Why choose The Job Helpers services?
We guarantee 4 interviews for every 10 job applications.

We will not promise what we can not deliver.  Our guarantee is tried, tested, and proven to be 100% accurate.  Our clients are guaranteed to land 4 interviews for every 10 job submissions, and if they do not, we have pledged to redo their documents for FREE 5 times per month until successfully employed.

Did you Know?

The job market is one of the most volatile industries in the US. According to LinkedIn, there are about 500 applications submitted for an open position, out of which about 75% of applicants get rejected by employers' ATS software systems (Applicant Tracking System), and the average time a recruiter spends reviewing a resume is less than 7 seconds!

Data does not lie –  job seekers are in heavy competition and under a time crunch to get short-listed for an interview! Given the ever-changing trends of the industry, it's almost impossible for candidates to keep up. That is why most forward-thinking professionals seek the assistance of experts and accountable career services to help them with their job search.

With our services and brand guarantee, you can get hired in less than 30 days.
How did The Job Helpers innovate to meet the job market requirements post Covid-19?

We are one of the leading 360-degree career services providers based in the US with 7+ years of industry experience. Our services range from resume writing for job seekers of all levels to career development coaching for industry leaders.

With the recent brand upgrade, we have further optimized our career services to meet the needs of the latest job market requirements. Our service platforms are thus designed with advanced features while our services are client-focused and job-market ready.

Here are a few of our advanced features and on-demand services:

🤝 Personalized account to help you track your orders
👥 The ability to communicate with your account managers and writers
💳 Revamped, hassle-free online payments gateway
💸 Easy payment plans
✅ Customized services to meet job market requirements
🗣️ Personalized career coaching from industry experts
⚡ Value packages for best ROI
⏰ 360° all-inclusive job-search experience

Our team of experts has reviewed and written 25,000+ job-winning resumes, helped 50,000+ professionals and 15,000+ senior-level leaders land interviews, and get hired within 30 days.

We are committed to helping professionals identify and best articulate their personal brands.

What is the FREE resume review offer?

Since the job market is competitive for anyone looking for employment, a free resume review is a service that we offer to someone mid-career or about to launch their career to determine how their resume stack up with other candidates and potential job opportunities. It's a way for us to offer grammar and applicant tracking system checks (ATS) to all candidates, active or passive, during a job search and educate them on the latest hiring trends, resume formats, ageism, and how to market themselves correctly.

After offering over 150,000 resume reviews in the past 7+ years, we know that many candidates make their resumes a biography or a list of responsibilities instead of creating a marketing document, preventing them from being called for an interview. Hence, they keep applying for positions after making cosmetic changes to their resume without addressing critical issues that get them rejected. Therefore, during the free resume review, our experts accurately identify inconsistencies in candidates' resumes and help them position keywords, phrases, topics, terminology, vocabulary, competencies, years of experience, and accomplishments.  

This exercise highlights three areas where inconsistencies could prevail in a resume. Those are:


  1. Absence of numerical data
  2. Word count and ATS keywords
  3. Grammar errors and lack of expertise

The Job Helpers

What is The Job Helpers' brand purpose?

Several years ago, when our CEO Chui was still an employee, he started to notice how his colleagues struggled to secure a job despite being qualified.

There were frequently no callbacks for the interviews they needed to secure their dream jobs.

He realized there is a gap between what businesses expect from potential employees and their ability to represent themselves to achieve those expectations.

The Job Helpers was founded as a result of this discovery. To demonstrate their abilities, experiences, and knowledge and to stay current with the times, Chui began offering professional services to job seekers. Today, Chui and The Job Helpers help top CEOs, Directors, and junior executives alike to secure their dream job.

What is The Job Helpers brand objective?

The Job Helpers’ objective is to offer services to job seekers worldwide. Our clientele comprises senior-level leaders, mid-managers, and skilled candidates looking for suitable employment.

By creating resumes and cover letters for our clients and positioning them in the top search results on LinkedIn for recruiters, we help them have a successful job search experience. In doing so, we pay attention to specific client expectations, such as job titles they are interested in, location(s), industries, and recruiter/hiring manager criteria, including key information on their resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn to boost success. After the client begins taking interviews, we also offer advanced assistance with interview coaching, mock interview support, pay negotiation discussions, and career and leadership coaching.

How can I contact the The Job Helpers team?

You can email [email protected] or send us a message via: Contact Us page

We will answer your questions within minutes if you chat with us and get back to you within 4 hours if you call or email since we check our email, calls, and texts multiple times a day, so you will most likely receive a response within minutes.

Our Services

How do The Job Helpers services benefit during an active or passive job search?

85% of hiring happens on LinkedIn, and it's fundamental to have your LinkedIn content optimized to be a top search result and grab the attention of the recruiter.

During a passive job search, a recruiter contacts candidates via LinkedIn primarily and asks them to provide an updated resume. During an active job search, it's critical to understand employer expectations, build content to reflect requirements, qualifications, and criteria, and match them with examples, samples, and tangible and intangible results.

Our job here at The Job Helpers is to meet these demanding requirements on behalf of our clients by providing them with optimized content, customized documentation, and applicable career advice to impress an employer, key decision maker, recruiter, or influencer for a successful (active or passive) job search.

Our Resume Writing Process

What's the timeline for The Job Helpers resume service?

The timeline for the resume service is 5-7 business days. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Discovery interview with a career management coach for 30-45 minutes on a recorded phone call/zoom session.

Step 2: The resume writer will find up to 100 jobs (review job descriptions) out on job boards like

Indeed, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Zip Recruiter, and company websites fit the client's expectations based on location, job titles, and salary and build the resume.

Step 3: The editor will use an online thesaurus, MS Word spell-checker, and Grammarly when proofreading the resume.

Step 4: The quality assurance team will cross-check all details and information sent by the client with the new resume built by reading through the client's previous resume and any additional content sent as an email or as an attachment.

Step 5: ATS (Application Tracking System) checks to match the keywords in the client's resume to get a match rate of over 80%.

The client will receive the first draft of the resume within 5-7 business days to review and revert with changes. Once the draft is finalized, the client will receive the LinkedIn content and the cover letter after 24 hours. Based on the bundled service client purchased, job searching, LinkedIn networking, and interview preparation sessions will occur. The career management coach will also conduct a session to review changes and improvements and work with the writing team to provide updated documents.

How does the resume writing process work?

Step 1: The writer will find up to 100 jobs (review job descriptions) on job boards like Indeed, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Zip Recruiter, and company websites that fit the client's expectations based on location, job titles, and salary.

Step 2: We will use the ATS (Applicant Tracking System) to match each job with the current resume or the documentation provided to identify and group keywords, phrases, topics, and vocabulary requirements for these jobs.

Step 3: Build the resume using the keywords that are repeated and in that order.

Example: - If the keyword 'Finance' is repeated 50 times out of 100 job descriptions, and if that is the one keyword that has gotten repeated that many times, then that word will be at the top in the summary section based on priority. So, hiring managers and recruiters can see requirements with examples and tangible evidence in the resume.

Step 4: The writer follows the STAR interview (Situation, Task, Action, and Result) format to meet employer requirements such as specific deliverables, measurable outcomes, results, goals, and timelines when building each section of the resume.

Do I get to speak with someone about my career before building written content?

Yes. Every client subscribing to resume writing services will get to speak with a coach as the first step of the process. Here are the steps for the Discovery Interview:

  1. Identifying personal goals, developing leadership skills, and planning career move based on salary expectations.
  2. Conduct research to develop a questionnaire based on gaps in skills, expertise, and keywords compared to 100 open positions.
  3. Provide Q/A and professional development guidance while identifying career goals through discovery.
  4. Review the current resume and client's experience in detail and discuss career potential, salary expectations, passions, locations, and exciting jobs.
  5. Develop a refined list of career options by examining client skills, interests, and values through self-assessment.
  6. Advise the client on how to fill out the intake form on any additional information they would like to share with the writing team and discuss the next steps of the process.

Working With a Resume Writer

How qualified are The Job Helpers writers?

We hire the best writers in the industry, and some of our writers have over 20 years of experience as recruiters. Others have written over 10,000 resumes, and we only include industry-specific working professionals. So, if you are wondering if we can cater to your unique situation, there is a very high chance that one of our resume writers has worked with a client who has a similar background to yours.

To Meet the Team click here.

What format do The Job Helpers writers use to build a resume?

The resume writer will build the resume with the following sections in a client resume:

This section will include personal growth aspirations, team accomplishments, organizational goals, and impact.

We will build this section for recruiters with bitesize information like hard skills, soft skills, and relevant skills

like technologies, methodologies, and terminologies, so we provide the necessary information to complete their checklists to employers.

We will focus on 5 to 6 Michael Jordan-type moments out of the client's career that would be related to the type of jobs the client is applying for so the hiring manager or recruiter doesn't need to read the entire resume finding information for them.

In this section, we use chronological order to list each position the client has held from the past to the present with high-level accomplishments that match job requirements.

This section will include educational, vocational skills, or other related experiences.

If there are specific licenses or certifications employers require the client to have will be listed here.

Time spent volunteering or experience sitting in a board-level position will be included in this section.

To view our Resume Samples click here.

What does the editor do when building a resume?
  • Use an online thesaurus, MS Word spell-checker, and Grammarly when proofreading the resume.
  • Remove words that are not in circulation and proofread, carefully examining each letter of every word three times.
  • Cross-check all details and information sent by the client with the new resume built by reading through the client's previous resume and any additional content sent as an email or as an attachment.

For more information on Resume Plans and Pricing click here.

How do The Job Helpers Writers conduct ATS employer keyword checks?

During an ATS (Application Tracking System) check, we would research open positions based on the jobs clients are interested in, match the keywords missing in their resumes, and work on reaching over 80% match rate.

STAR technique Check: Hiring managers are using this technique to critique candidates since that's how their new role is defined. So, the resume writers will work on adding STAR-based metrics to each sentence that must have a specific deliverable, a measurable result, either as a dollar figure, percentage, or as an example. The Job Helpers writing team will also work on telling a story based on what the client has accomplished and the result in line with the timeline to help understand the candidate's potential and responsibility.

What structure do the The Job Helpers writers follow when building a cover letter?

When writing a cover letter, we follow the structure below:

  • Introduction: Carefully written to grab the hiring manager's attention and explain why the client would want the job.
  • Paragraphs: At least two paragraphs detailing relevant education, skills, work experience, and why the client is a good fit for the position.
  • Achievements: Detail achievements relevant to the type of jobs the client is planning to apply for.
  • Conclusion: A concise ending that reiterates the client's strengths and asks the hiring manager to contact them (known as a call to action).

Job Application Process

How does The Job Helpers apply for jobs on behalf of a client?

The Job Helpers Job Expert will fill out up to 50 or 100 job applications based on client needs and expectations.

Here's the process:

  • Upload 20 jobs every week to a dashboard and share access with the client.
  • Get the client's approval after reviewing all the job requirements and criteria.
  • Apply for roughly 15 jobs weekly and create a new email for the client.
  • Our experts will follow up with each employer/recruiter's response via email.
  • Weekly report on all the jobs we applied for daily to keep track of progress.

For more information on Job Application Completion click here.

Job Search Coaching Process

What does job search coaching entail?

The client will receive a 30-minute session with a career consultant to discuss jobs to apply for, how to create notifications for new job alerts, and progress on applications. Each session can be a topic of choice (ex: challenges, wins, setbacks, etc.). Sessions can focus on setting up Indeed, Monster, and Career Builder job board personal accounts or how clients can find connections in a specific geographic region to get referred for a job.

For more information on Job Searching Coaching click here.

Interview Coaching Session

How are the interview coaching sessions set up?


Standard and behavioral style interview coaching with STAR (Situation, Task, Action, and Results) story development and practice.

Interview Preparation Guide walkthrough with 50 questions companies use to screen candidates.

Step-by-step guidance on answering interview questions and consulting the client on effective job search strategies.


A one-hour video-recorded session that consists of behavioral hypothetical and probing questions.

During the first forty-five minutes, the interviewer (our coach) will ask 7 to 10 questions, and in the last 15 minutes, the client gets to ask questions from the interviewer.


During this session, the client better understands how they thought they were doing vs. how they did. Did they answer all the tough questions correctly? How fast did they answer each question? What was the body language, and how value-adding is the answer they provided? How nervous/excited do they get?

Here's an example interview question: What's your biggest mistake, and how did you rectify

For more information on Interview Coaching click here.

LinkedIn Networking Process

How can The Job Helpers make a client a top search result on LinkedIn?

Content will be created and optimized for the client to land on the first page of a Recruiter search on LinkedIn.

When creating content for LinkedIn, we will:

  • Go over the 100+ profiles on the first page under search results.
  • Perform a search on LinkedIn based on what recruiters are searching for to find like-minded individuals like the client, using location, years of experience, industry, and title.
  • Match the client profile with these profiles by adding the keywords, phrases, topics, and terminology to fill gaps or what is missing.
What do the LinkedIn Networking Coaching sessions cover?

 A Career Management Coach will spend at least 30 minutes conducting training on:

  • LinkedIn profile SEO and positioning client skills, capabilities, and experiences.
  • Effectively communicating with industry experts, key decision-makers, and influencers.
  • Guide with a scripted message to send to multiple recruiters and hiring managers when connecting with them on LinkedIn.
  • Help identify groups and organizations where recruiters are looking to hire candidates like the client.
  • Coaching on developing interpersonal communication skills and how to create a network of like-minded professionals effectively.


For more information on LinkedIn Networking Coaching click here.

Career Coaching

What constitutes career coaching services?

Career coaching will include skill assessment tests through behavior evaluation tools such as DISC profiles used at many companies to measure dominance, inducement, submission, and compliance.

One-hour sessions will include:

  • Ongoing training on effective communication, critical thinking, positive attitude development, teamwork, work ethics, and emotional intelligence.
  • A course on developing interpersonal skills and steps to overcome common misconceptions in the workplace.
  • Coaching on character traits, career attributes, leadership skills, and social intelligence.
  • Brainstorming session on problem-solving and steps to overcome human errors in the workplace.
  • Tips on how to boost team morale and tactics to enhance employee contributions (for managers).

For more information on Career Coaching click here

Salary Negotiation Coaching

Can The Job Helpers help negotiate my salary?

Yes, we can coach you on how to successfully negotiate your salary and provide examples of selling points to help employers.

During our one-hour session, we can help you:

Understanding all the factors that may offset salary and how to effectively negotiate with the new employer to receive higher pay and benefits.

Establish realistic expectations, learn how to research, and practice the challenging conversations of salary negotiation.


For more information on Salary Negotiation click here.

The Job Helpers Service Agreements

What does The Job Helpers guarantee its customers?

The Job Helpers offers 4 interviews out of every 10 job submissions guarantee to all its resume writing customers. However, if the client does not receive the guaranteed number of interviews expected, The Job Helpers agrees that the client gets 5 edits per month.

To be eligible for this service, you must send 10 rejections from employers within 60 days of receiving our final documents.

Does The Job Helpers have a refund policy?

The Job Helpers is an organization that provides a professional resume writing service, and all its benefits, accomplished in concurrence with clients, are complete and final with no refunds. Therefore, there is no trial period once a customer purchases a service advertised on the site. The quality of the services The Job Helpers endeavor to render is such that the client who avails of its services contend often, and as a result, the demand for refunds is rare and few. However, The Job Helpers and staff will offer multiple touchpoints, drafts, and revisions. Suppose the customer doesn't get interviews after applying for 10 open positions they are qualified to apply for in the future. Based on the level of service purchased and as a result, The Job Helpers provides no 'refunds 'once a client buys any service on the site. If a request for a refund for a resume or coaching service incur, The Job Helpers will conduct a thorough investigation and provide the Client/User an email with evidence to determine root causes and decide based on unique circumstances.

For more information on Terms and Conditions click here.

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