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“Behind every resume, there is a human with hopes, dreams, and a family. Never forget that.”

A hiring manager spends an average of >7 seconds on a resume. It’s a distinctively short time to decide whether you get called for an interview.

In today’s job market, there are millions of candidates competing for a handful of open positions. Statistically, around 500 applications get sent for an open role, making competition fierce and intense.

It is survival of the fittest, and only the best of the best will emerge winners and get a job offer.

So, what can you do to make a quick yet lasting first impression on a hiring manager using a resume? Even though most assume resumes are dead, out of fashion, and going through a black hole, it’s the first and the most important impression an employer can have about a candidate. Also, it can be the most accurate and effective way to create a paper trail to help a potential hiring manager remember you and your career.

The Internet and social media are full of “Professional Resume Writers” and “Career Coaches” offering career advice with no real solutions or results. Looking for a job is already an overwhelming task, especially when the job market is volatile, and the competition keeps getting stiffer with data-driven recruiting and hiring in place with an influx in ATS keyword systems usage (93.7% of employers use an ATS in 2023). Therefore, it’s necessary for job seekers to seek help from a career professional who can guarantee interviews.

However, not all resume writing services have built-in ROI based on accountability. We believe a person’s resume is the most important document they create in their career. A good resume will land you interviews, and a below-par resume could land in the “rejected pile” no matter how qualified you are or how graphically pleasing it looks to the human eye.a

Are you in the process of shortlisting a suitable resume-writing service to help you land 4 interviews out of every 10 job applications?

Here’s what you need to look for and verify before you pay for a resume service:

1. Credentials and Expertise
2. Client Reviews and Testimonials
3. Qualified and Specialized Writers
4. Contemporary Knowledge of Industry Trends
5. Accountability and Interview Guarantee
6. Quick Yet Realistic Turnaround Time
7. Affordable Pricing

To make the job search process seamless for you, The Job Helpers have researched, assessed, and developed a business model that meets the requirements of the latest job market trends. Our resume bundles and individual services can be customized to meet your specific job search needs.

Take a look at why The Job Helpers have been recognized as
The #1 Professional Resume Writing Service for the Best ROI in the US ⬇️

1. Credentials and Experience

15+ years of industry experience with 50,000 + client success stories, 25,000 + job-winning resumes, and 15,000 + senior level placements

2. Client Reviews and Testimonials

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ on Google, 

on Trustpilot, and 40+ Recommendations on LinkedIn.

Read More Reviews:

3. Qualified and Specialized Writers

Certified Professional Resume Writers (CPRW), career coaches, recruiting leaders, and specialized writers
representing 70+ industries.

4. Contemporary Knowledge of Industry Trends

With drastic market changes caused by Covid-19, the past few years have created an ever-changing job market. That did not stop us! In 2022, we upgraded The Job Helpers brand. We optimized our career services to match the latest job market requirements, redesigned our service platforms with the most advanced technologies, and transformed our services to be client-focused and job-market ready.

🤝 Personalized account to help you track your orders

👥 The ability to communicate with your coach and writers

💳 Revamped, hassle-free online payments gateway

💸 Pay-as-you-go payment options

✅ Customized services to meet job market requirements

🗣️ Personalized career coaching from industry experts

⚡ Value packages with the best ROI

⏰ 360° all-inclusive job-search experience

5. Accountability and Interview Guarantee

You can opt into The Job Helpers FREE resume review offer to find out how your existing resume performs in the current job market. This service highlights four essential areas where inconsistencies could prevail in a resume:

1. Visual Presentation and Organization

2. Word Count and Absence of Numerical Data

3. ATS Keywords and Lack of Expertise

4. Poor Grammar, Typographical Mistakes, and Incorrect/Weak Vocabulary

Want to Find Out How Your Resume Stacks Up Against Your Competition?

6. Quick Yet Realistic Turnaround Time

The 5-day process from client onboarding to final document delivery gives clients a peace of mind and hassle-free service.

7. Affordable Pricing

Our customized resume-writing services start from $149.

Getting your resume ATS keyword optimized and rebuilt is always a worthwhile investment as long as you can hold resume writers accountable with an interview guarantee.

The Job Helpers team spends time getting to know your career and your unique needs. We work with you, starting with a discovery interview to identify information gaps compared to job postings, and until you find employment.

Have you reached a dead end in your job search? Need help getting your job search back on track?

Talk To Us - Get complimentary career advice, useful job search tips, and helpful suggestions from our experts.

"The Job Helpers are an excellent partner for leaders seeking outplacement services for displaced team members. They will work closely with the candidates and go a step further, offering career coaching, interviewing tips, and skill development."

Laura Perenyi, SPHR

Strategic Human Resources Leadership | Global Human Resources

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