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3 Job Search Tips You Should STOP Following Today

After the 2020 COVID pandemic, the job market has changed rapidly, and so has the way of hiring for open positions. New terms like The Great Resignation and Quiet Quitting have emerged, and Americans are quietly leaving their jobs, and many tend to find work that has remote or flexible hours. Statistics claim that more than 4.7 million people work remotely in the US for at least half their time. As employees leave roles that no longer serve their career purpose, many move to new, seemingly better work environments that can successfully meet their evolving requirements.

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Steps to Writing an Effective Leadership Resume in 2023

The competition is fierce in today’s job market because 75% of applications get rejected by the employer ATS systems. So, how do you make a great first impression and land your dream job? What is the Applicant Tracking System, and how do you beat the bots? These are some questions every job seeker should ask themselves during a job search. There has never been a better time for job seekers to think strategically about positioning themselves on their resumes.

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