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Ready To Grow Your Professional Brand?

A good “return on investment” (ROI), means you have mastered the formula for a profitable recruitment business.

However, recruiters are only able to place less than 3% of their candidates to an actual job opportunity.

So, how could your recruiting practice improve the rate of return per lead?

At The Job Helpers, we can help you increase your placement rates by 3X.

Our experience in helping over 30,000 job seekers find employment within a month can maximize your return on investment from each candidate you source.

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Chui Senanayake, MBA

Founder and CEO - The Job Helpers

Senior Leaders, Mid Managers, and Entry-Level Candidates
Have Benefited From Our Personalized Solutions

Client Reviews

Chui Senanayake, MBA

Chief Executive Officer

Chui founded The Job Helpers with a single goal in mind: to assist every job seeker in increasing their chances of finding work faster. He had been unemployed for 15 days when he conceived the idea after having had to go through the same agonizing procedure that most job seekers do. His wife was six months pregnant, expecting their first kid, and their insurance was about to run out by the end of the month. As a result, Chui needed to figure out a quick way to locate work. Chui was finally hired on the 28th day of his job hunt, after numerous efforts. Since then, Chui has been successfully applying his knowledge and insight to help over 15,000 job seekers find employment. What started as a solution to a challenge he faced in his personal life has now turned in to a leading career consulting firm. TJH currently assists working people, job seekers, career changers, entrepreneurs & leaders with their job-search, branding, leadership, HR and career development.

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