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Why Outplacement?

80% of employees say receiving Outplacement Services would make them less likely to speak negatively about a former employer if they were to be laid off.

A Negotiable Severance Benefit

Improve Retention and Productivity

Protect Business Brand

Reduce the Risk of Legal Action

What We Offer

How Do We Optimize Content For The Job Market?

Interview-Ready Documents Within 5 Days!

Discovery Interview

A dynamic 30-45 minute career deep dive: Identify communication gaps and missing data by analyzing keywords from 100+ relevant job listings.

Content Optimization

Targetted and tailored resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles: Align content with job postings and boost visibility for recruiters and hiring managers.

Grammar Check

Quality Assurance and Service Standards: A certified C.P.R.W. senior editor will enhance grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, and formatting.

ATS Review

Review and Result-Generation: Analyze the resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn content for keywords, lingo, competencies, and achievements.

Follow-Up Session

Meet Client Expectations: The initial draft sent, followed by a scheduled call to discuss enhancements

What We Offer

Flexible Service Options

Our flexible service packages are meticulously crafted to cater to the unique needs and financial considerations of both individual and corporate clients. We understand that each client’s situation is different, which is why we offer a variety of customizable options to ensure the perfect fit for every circumstance.

Tiered Pricing

Choose the package that aligns best with their requirements and budgetary constraints

Pay-as-you-go Services

Access specific outplacement resources and assistance on an as-needed basis

Bundled Packages

Combine a range of services into one comprehensive solution

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Client Success Stories

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Senior Level Positions

Chui Senanayake, MBA

Founder and President - The Job Helpers

Message From The CEO

It Takes One to Understand One

”I was devastated by a lay-off 10 years ago. I was losing money, but also my identity and social status.

My manager had a difficult choice of addressing corporate needs despite my top performance record. She and my HR department cared to make the best of a bad situation for me.

I believe that termination with dignity and a next adventure on-ramp is good for everyone—the employer, the former employee, and all others affected.

Why invest in outgoing employees? Because it’s the right thing to do. Remember, everyone is watching—especially current and prospective employees.

So do the right thing while also protecting your company’s brand, reputation, and post-employment relationships. That’s what The Job Helpers is here to do for you.”

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Latest Updates on Outplacement Support

Chui Senanayake, MBA

Chief Executive Officer

Chui founded The Job Helpers with a single goal in mind: to assist every job seeker in increasing their chances of finding work faster. He had been unemployed for 15 days when he conceived the idea after having had to go through the same agonizing procedure that most job seekers do. His wife was six months pregnant, expecting their first kid, and their insurance was about to run out by the end of the month. As a result, Chui needed to figure out a quick way to locate work. Chui was finally hired on the 28th day of his job hunt, after numerous efforts. Since then, Chui has been successfully applying his knowledge and insight to help over 15,000 job seekers find employment. What started as a solution to a challenge he faced in his personal life has now turned in to a leading career consulting firm. TJH currently assists working people, job seekers, career changers, entrepreneurs & leaders with their job-search, branding, leadership, HR and career development.

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