When Would you Need a Professional Resume Reviewer

Do you think the expertise of a professional resume reviewer could help you?

The intelligent answer is, yes.

Your resume will be one of the most critical resources to market your personality and qualifications to win your dream job.

A newly discovered survey proved that around 93% of employers and hiring managers rely on a candidate resume to determine an individual’s character. Therefore, your resume will play a massive role in showcasing who you are and your attributes that will help a company thrive.

If you ever feel less confident or unsure about the preparation of your resume, below are some key takeaways on why you should seek the help of a professional resume reviewer.

It’s been some time since you looked for a job

If you haven’t been in the job search scenario for a few years and lost the touch of it, you may start to bunk in at many surprises as you begin to look for a new job. As technology keeps improving and recruiting procedures keep advancing, and so has resume writing rules. Almost everything has changed over the past few years from formats, layouts, contents to keywords. Therefore, I doubt you would be updated on all these matters as these are essential points to consider when preparing a resume.

Thankfully there are some expert resume writing services like The Job Helpers where you could get free help of a resume critique to help you spot issues on your resume to decide whether you need a professional to input their expertise that can give you the edge during your job search.

If you’ve changed your goals

If you’ve past few steps beyond entry-level position, its high time to refresh your resume and give it a proper look it deserves. The same rule applies to candidates who wish to swap career paths or even intent to hold a role in leadership. If you have changed your career goals, so will your resume format and the content also needs to be tweaked accordingly.

So it might be crucial to share your resume with a professional resume writer to check whether you have managed to deliver the correct message to your audience on career goals, and key accomplishments.

Keyword optimization and the ATS system will all sound Greek to you

Have you been aware that, at present, almost 70% of resumes submitted online go through a particular procedure where your resume will have to pass through a tool called the ATS (applicant tracking system) before an employer or a hiring manager review it? Therefore, if you haven’t included the right keywords or formatted your resume accordingly, there is a high chance of your resume being eliminated and might never get read by anyone other than the ATS.

If you are not getting interviews for the job applications you fill, you could send your resume to [email protected] so we can let you know how you did on the standard ATS test.

Not sure of what goes in and what comes out?

What type of contact details should you include in your resume? Is it essential to include a resume objective statement on your resume? How far back should you rewind your work history? Is it possible to include information on specific classes you’ve attended or any other voluntary program you have engaged in the past?

All of these questions could be quickly answered if you meet the right resume critique, and we can be the ideal place for you to seek help and guidance as we have managed to assist more than 1,500 job seekers to find employment within the past year.

You are in a complicated situation

You’ve been struggling over the years to end up at a steady job in your field, and your resume discloses some employment gaps that needs to be addressed. There’s no point feeling bad about the past as you cannot change it, but there’s undoubtedly more manageable steps that could be taken to improve the look of your resume from a shaky history. A resume critique can also help you by pin pointing improvements so, you can add the correct format and the verbiage to stand out from your competition.

Is it worth to risk your career over your resume?

Don’t be so sure believing that your resume is good enough because you are getting one interview per 50 job application submissions. If you are not getting 2 to 3 job interviews per 10 applications it’s always sensible to get your resume evaluated by a professional resume writer and we can be the perfect place for you to get the help you need!

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