Using Action Words on Your Resume!

Want to Impress a Recruiter or a Hiring Manager?

Let Me Show You How to Do it by Using Action Words on Your Resume!

Using an adequate amount of action words in your resume is important to modernize it. However, remember these few tips first:

Professional resume writers emphasize on the importance of using action words when writing your resume to communicate your accolades and accomplishments to the hiring manager accurately. Nevertheless, the nuances are not for cosmetics alone. Action words can demonstrate other main characteristics many hiring managers are looking for today: advanced oral, written and verbal communication skills.

Even though a job seeker may simply write: ‘equipped with advanced oral, written and verbal communication skills’ on his/her resume, the using of actions words in addition to this will help consolidate the fact that this claim is in fact true. It will also provide verification that the job applicant the resume belongs to does, in fact, have the talent and capability.

Nonetheless, there are still a few key considerations to take into account when using power words on your resume:

Do Not Overdo It

Too much of anything is not good. Using too many action words on your resume can at times make the resume content unrefined and hard to read through. Limiting action words to one a sentence will be ideal and help you deliver the accomplishment while promoting your resume in a well organized manner that is most efficient.

Try Starting Using an Action Word in Each Bullet Point on Your Resume

The best way to integrate action words in your resume is to start the bullets using action words. Doing so will call attention to your accomplishments or achievements by acting as an ‘exclamation point in reverse.’ It will also grab the attention of a reader or hiring manager and make them want to read the entire sentence. The best and most effective way to deliver meaningful content for your bullet points is to boost it by using an action word that is ensnaring. This is a legitimate way to keep the reader interested by raising the suspense.

Do Not Repeat Action Words

Many resume writers agree on the reason why applicants don’t get chosen for a job, and it’s because their resume is not up to par, and it is lacking substance. This is the same when action words are repeated in multiple sentences back to back, and the reason to use action words in a resume is to showcase your accomplishments, duties, and functions in an appealing way. If you search online there are a variety of action words to select from and do not be afraid to use new and unfamiliar words, but just make sure they match the context of the sentence. Give it a go!

Using action words in your resume is not just to make your resume look trendy, but because they show the hiring manager your abilities to communicate orally, verbally and in writing in a distinctive way. In today’s world, soft skills are crucial and are in demand. Using and incorporating action words in your resume and in the most appropriate spaces, with correct considerations and in a way that is most favorable to showcase your craftmanship can successfully prove these capabilities and improve the content and composition of your resume.

Are you in need of a few actions words to incorporate into your resume? Have a conversation with us, and we can help you improve your resume with the correct measurable results, action words, proper grammar and sentence structure and you can get start with a FREE resume evaluation to analyze how you stack up with likeminded other in your industry. Click here to get started today!

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