Top 4 Reasons Why Your Company Needs Outplacement Assistance During a Layoff

(Economic Downturn)

61% of business leaders say their organizations will have layoffs in 2023

80% of employees say receiving outplacement services would make them less likely to speak negatively about a former employer if they were to be laid off

Companies are experiencing tough times. Many first-world countries are heading into an economic downturn, making layoffs and restructuring inevitable.

Are you one of the 6/10 companies likely to layoff employees due to the economic downturn?

If “YES,” this checklist is for you.

Here are the top 4 reasons you need an outplacement service to assist you during an economic downturn.

1. Maintain a Positive Online Presence and a Good Brand Reputation

40% of Americans said their perception of a company would be negatively impacted if employees are laid off.

One of the biggest threats corporates encounter when laying off staff is their lack of control over what could be shared online. A disgruntled former employee can easily share their negative experience on social media or any other platform hosting reviews of businesses worldwide. In this digital age, it’s more important than ever for companies to have a strong online presence and positive reputation. A bad online reputation can have severe consequences for a business, including decreased sales, loss of customers, and damaged company brand.

Once a negative reputation spreads online, it can be challenging to rebrand and rebuild. Potential customers, investors, and other stakeholders may have a moral obligation to take their investment elsewhere and not do business with a company that is perceived as callous or unkind to its employees.

That’s why companies must opt for outplacement assistance. The right service can stop negative social media and reviews before they start. Outplacement providers like us, have strategies in place to shift an employee’s focus away from the uncertainties caused by job loss and toward the possibilities of a supported new career move.

2. Mitigate The Severe Risk and Sky-High Cost of Litigation

Mass layoffs are associated with legal dangers, especially if they’re conducted too quickly, wrongfully, or discriminatorily

If companies have no option but to lay off employees, the most convenient and risk-free place to turn to would be an outplacement expert.  They will direct you through the process or execute it with measures such as giving employees ample notice, remaining transparent, and enabling former employees to succeed outside the company.

3. Increase The Likelihood of Rehiring Ex-employees

During the first three months of Covid-19, 34% of companies experienced acute hiring needs for specific positions and business areas while seeing a decline in other sectors.

This challenging circumstance pressures companies to conduct reductions in force for some parts of the business while needing to protect the employer brand to attract new talent for critical roles.

An enterprising way of bolstering brand reputation is providing outplacement services that assist impacted employees to land jobs quickly while helping the company maintain a positive relationship with the ones they may want to rehire.

4. Do the Right Thing, Be Kind and Humane

Layoffs double the likelihood of a stroke and raise mortality risk by 10-15%.

The physical and mental health risks posed by layoffs are so significant that some professionals argue companies have an ethical obligation to help laid-off workers find new jobs.

Making decision-makers aware of the severe consequences layoffs can have on the impacted employees could encourage leaders to take action to hire an outplacement provider with an interview guarantee. This emotional appeal convinces many leaders to provide outplacement services to displaced workers. With no complex reasons and no hidden agenda, it is simply the right thing to do.

The Job Helpers – Outplacement Services help companies protect employer brand and do right by your transitioning employees to land their next job faster. Designed for employees of all levels, industries, and backgrounds, we have helped 50,000+ professionals.

What We Offer

  1. Transitioning Assistance

Supports impacted employees to transition smoothly into their new jobs while helping them orient themselves in their new environment. 

  1. Skill Audit

Assesses an individual’s skill set to understand their expertise and position accurately. This exercise is done via a questionnaire or one-on-one to identify potential knowledge gaps that the individual must work on to improve their chances of a successful job search.

  1. Resume and Cover Letter Revamp

Develops keyword-optimized, concise, targeted documents highlighting employees’ marketable skills to improve their chances of getting shortlisted via the Applicant Tracking Systems.

  1. LinkedIn Content Optimization

Creates an SEO-optimized LinkedIn profile to become a top-search result on recruiter/potential employer dashboards.  With 400M+ active users, LinkedIn is the BEST place to network and get hired.

  1. Personal Brand Development

Shapes an individual’s view in the public’s eyes by helping them build their reputation, create an image, and market themselves as a professional brand.

  1. Career Coaching

Provides expert and objective feedback aligned with the individual’s career goals.

  1. Job Application Completion

Offers individual job seekers assistance to find and apply for jobs on popular job boards or through private placements and recruiters.

  1. Interview Preparation

Helps overcome interview anxiety by helping candidates train, prepare, and face mock interviews.

  1. Post-Hire Follow up

Checks on the relocated staff regularly to ensure they are settling into their new roles and to give them additional support (career coaching and transitional assistance) if needed.

Is your company planning to layoff employees this year?

Does your company have an exit strategy in place for outgoing employees?

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"The Job Helpers are an excellent partner for leaders seeking outplacement services for displaced team members. They will work closely with the candidates and go a step further, offering career coaching, interviewing tips, and skill development."

Laura Perenyi, SPHR

Strategic Human Resources Leadership | Global Human Resources

Our Guarantee
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10 Job Applications

We will work on the resume and cover letter up to 5 times a month till the impacted employee lands a job.

Chui Senanayake
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