Steps to Build an ATS-Friendly Resume in the Current Job Market

The Job Market is Competitive, Volatile, and Always Evolving!


🤖 75% of applications get eliminated by the applicant tracking software used by 94% of US employers.

If you are looking for employment or even striving to move up,

⌛ REMEMBER! Decision-makers only spend just >5-7 seconds scanning your resume.

The Job Helpers offer a FREE Resume Review service for professionals to determine how their resume stacks up with other candidates and potential job opportunities.

How Can a Professional Resume Review Get You Hired Within 30 Days?

The FREE service we offer highlights FOUR essential areas where inconsistencies could prevail in a resume.

1. Visual Presentation and Organization

Your resume is your marketing tool and the first impression a potential employer has of you. It must best represent you as a professional and be more fitting of your experience level.

2. Word Count and Numerical Data

Quantifying your abilities and demonstrating verifiable accomplishments on your resume through numerical data shows a future employer that you can add value to their company goals if they hire you.

3. ATS Keywords and Expertise

Your resume needs to be formatted in a way that makes it easy for computers to scan and interpret data. A keyword-optimized resume is designed to be read by the Applicant Tracking System (ATS), rank your job application, and match it with the job requirement.

4. Grammar, Typography, and Vocabulary

77% of recruiters see typos or poor grammar as dealbreakers, and 35% feel the same about unprofessional email addresses.

Want to Find Out How Your Resume Performs in The Current Job Market?

Send your resume for a confidential review, followed by a 20-minute feedback session with a job search expert at no cost to you! ⬇️

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