Scrub Off these WORDS from Your Resume

Scrub Off these WORDS from Your Resume to get More Job Interviews

Your resume should represent you in the best way possible with a great first impression. To maintain professionalism, ditch the words and phrases that aren’t getting you interviews. Instead, use words that are powerful and effective on your resume.

Managed, Helped, and Assisted Needs to Go

Although expressions such as passionate, energetic and strategic sound great, in reality, they don’t carry much weight without specific examples. Use a language that illustrates your value and strengths as a candidate by removing and replacing the fluff words. Remove weak action verbs such as “responsible for, managed, assisted with and vague and overused terms with much more impactful and stronger action verbs such as facilitated, developed and implemented.

Remove Worked, Responsible for, and Objective from your Resume

Regardless of the job you’re applying for, will need to use critically thinking skills to come up with answers on issues your future employer might go through. Here are some words to show that you’re a thoughtful problem solver:










Get Rid of People Person, Quick Leaner, Hobbies, and Goal Oriented

If you’re at cross roads or are looking for something new, you may want to showcase what you’ve done in a way that will highlight your ability to rise to bigger challenges. Consider the words below when you write your resume:

Analyzed (lab project, a spreadsheet, data set)

Produced (spreadsheets, articles, reports)

Fundraised (money, cash)

Organized (group or an event)

Created (program, a process, venture)

Coordinated (a group effort or projects)

Founded (organization or a club)

Designed (poster, methodology, a website)

During your job search get employers to focus on the important details by focusing on your qualifications. Rather than boastful adjectives and meaningless phrases, let your experience and skills shine on their own. Be specific about your accomplishments and make these few simple changes so you can increase the likelihood of getting more interviews.

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