Resume Writing: Advice to Ignore!

There are so many different opinions about how resumes must be written. However, not all is right. If you want to beat the process to let your job application through, you will have to write your resume in the best format with the correct information that highlights your achievements.

Here are a few pitfalls you have to avoid when writing your best resume:

Objective Statement

Using an objective statement will not help your resume in today’s world. It is very limiting and will make you sound quite distant from your resume. Instead, you may want to use a professional summary about your career which will make your skills and experience stand out and will show the recruiter your value along with your capabilities and how they can be of use to their company.


Using a big, bold, eye-catching font in your format is not the way to impress your future employer unless of course, you are applying for a job which requires you to show off your creativity. A basic simple format is the best way to go as it will be easier for your recruiter to read what is most important – which is your skills and experience. Infographics and crazy fonts might tempt the hiring manager to move to the next resume as soon as possible. Also, note that employers do not need to see statistics of almost every job detail you include.


Making your resume as short as possible is not a wise decision as it can remove some of the keywords that might get you passed the ATS (Applicant Tracking System). The rule of a resume being ‘one page’ might be true for candidates with less than five years of experience and if you have more than five years of expertise in an industry then, a one-pager might not reflect your experience and skills correctly. Cramping all your experience into one page will affect your font size and will make it very difficult for the hiring manager to read. Instead, if you list your skills clearly and concisely and will be more than ‘one page,’ that might improve your chances of getting more interviews! Though hiring managers are known to have a short attention span, sticking to a ‘one-page’ resume may backfire as the whole idea is to add all the relevant content in an order that is easier to comprehend and understand.

Employment Gaps

Hiding gaps in your resume will not help. Ever heard of honesty is the best policy? Well, this is where you apply it. Being honest in your resume and explaining any gaps in your work may hurt your pride. However, if you focus and speak on the positive experiences that you have gained through the employment gap, you may be able to show the hiring manager that unemployment never affected you negatively.

Implement these steps above and make an entirely new and better resume. If you need any help with your resume, seek advice from us today!

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