Reposted Job: Reapply or Not?

Should you reapply for a job that you have not heard from for over a month since you submitted your job application, and you notice that they have renewed their vacancies on job boards and career sites?

Is Reapplying for a Job That Has Been Reposted Right or Wrong?

Before you decide to reapply for the job, you may want to know and understand why the job has been reposted once again.

Why are Jobs Reposted?

The employer may decide to repost a position for many common reasons. Here are a few of them:

A ‘weak’ applicant pool: Not receiving sufficient qualified and experienced candidates from the first posting is one of the most common reasons for the reposting of the position. The Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is one of the main reasons why many suitable candidates get eliminated from the pool of applicants early on due to the fact that their resumes are not optimized for the ATS with the correct keywords and measurable results. Another reason is all the grammar mistakes an applicant may have missed on their resume which the recruiter may see as a deal-breaker.

Changes in the job requirements: Some hiring managers only realize that they need to make changes to posting after they start interviewing applicants or reviewing the job applications. Some of those changes could be the specifications of the job, its requirements, and sometimes even how accurately the position has been described. For example, changing the number of years that the position requires or further specifications to the job role that must be added, changed or even reduced.

A job offer falling through: It is a common occurrence. If the hiring manager has found the right candidate and has offered him/her the job and the candidate has not accepted the position, maybe because he/she has found a better opportunity. Another reason would be the applicant accepting the position and changing their mind about it right before starting the job. Due to these reasons and a few others, the job could be reposted and the search for the right applicant is repeated.

When Should You Not Reapply?

Sometimes it is just not worth it. A few of those instances will be;

Not getting through the interviewing process: it is of no use to reapply if the reposted position has no changes made to its job requirements from when you applied and went through the whole interviewing process and did not make it. It is a waste of both your time and the company’s. When you think you are a good fit for the job posted and are all excited and you don’t get selected, it could be frustrating. After meeting the team and sending your thank you notes for the interview, there is no point banging on the same closed door. It is best for you to focus on the new and exciting opportunities that come your way rather than focusing on what did not work.

The reposting may say that the previous applicants will be taken into consideration: if this happens you do not have to apply again as you are still in contention for the job. Therefore, do not waste your time applying again.

Not making changes to your resume: Sure, you may not have gotten the job. HR managers, especially the ones who do not use the ATS software to filter through the list of applicants would not have gone through the entire resumes that landed in their inbox due to being flooded with many. Nevertheless, if there is a reposting, we could assume that the hiring manager that gone through the list of available candidates and is on the lookout for new ones. Not making changes to your resume to make it better and prominent, and waiting to expect a different result from your second time of applying is unwise.

Not meeting the job requirements: If you do not meet the required standards of both qualifications and experience listed in the position, do not apply. There are certain requirements that are ‘must haves’, make sure you possess these before you apply as they are the core skills the company will be looking for in a potential candidate. Do not apply for the job in the first place and most definitely not a second if you do not possess the required core needs.

When is the Right Instance to Reapply for a Reposted Job?

Though there are many instances where reapplying is not wise, there are more when it is:

When your resume has been rewritten professionally the second time around: If you used the help of a professional resume writer to rewrite your resume, do apply a second time. Writing a resume that will get the recruiter’s attention is both science and an art. So, if you do not have the training to write a resume professionally, your resume may not make it to the top of the pile. Your first resume may not even have passed the resume bots or the six seconds the recruiter spend with it. Write a new resume and give it an additional boost to create new opportunities.

Not modifying your resume when applying initially: Even one of the best resumes could be rejected if it was not modified according to the job specifications. Always double-check your resume before sending it in to make sure that you have highlighted your qualifications and skills – especially in the top part of your resume. For example, you may reword some of the experience you posses to mirror the words in the job description. Another could be to align your professional title to the position’s title and change a bit of your core competencies to match the description.

A change in your work history or skills since you applied the first time: If you have acquired additional responsibilities, or got promoted or obtained a new skill that is related to the job you are applying for or have completed a professional qualification or a degree, you need to bring your resume up to date to include it before you reapply.

Discovering a typo you have made on your initial resume: According to recruiters, spelling and grammatical errors are said to be the worst slip ups that could be made on a resume. It is one of the biggest mistakes made on resumes. If you become conscious of a typo that you have made in your initial resume, correct it, proofread it and reapply if you think you are qualified for the job.

Your original resume was not compatible with the ATS: Fortune 500 companies are known to use the ATS software to screen and scrutinize the flood of resumes coming in. If your original resume was not optimized in a manner that is ATS friendly, then your resume will most certainly not make it to the recruiter’s hand for review. Update your resume to a format that is ATS friendly and then reapply.

Resume Tips that May Help You When You Decide to Reapply for a Job.

If you have decided to reapply for a job because you believe it is the right thing to do, then improve your resume’s chance at success by following the tips below;

Proofread before sending the resume in. Do not let typos eliminate your chances of securing an interview. Always review your resume carefully to make sure it is error free.

Modify both the resume and cover letter. Reapplying for a position will be useless if you do not customize it according to the job role.

Make the job application ATS friendly. As many companies use the ATS software to help comb through the resumes coming in, you should check if the system allows you to replace the old resume with a new one. If it doesn’t, then you will have to use a new email (one you didn’t use for the first resume) to prevent the system from creating a replica in the system.

Look for referrals. An employee referral with you application will increase your chances of landing the job by 10 times! Your LinkedIn profile will help you find people you know who work or have worked at the company you are interested in applying. You could reach out to them and receive insider information about the company’s hiring process. You could even ask them for a referral to add to your application or even ask them to pass on your resume to the HR manager of the organization.

If you decide to reapply for a job following the steps above it will most certainly increase your chances of landing an interview!

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