Mental Health in Impacted Employees

Are You Forced To Make Tough Decisions Regarding Layoffs, Restructuring, or Downsizing?

⚠️ US-based employers announced 80,089 cuts in May, a 20% increase from the 66,995 cuts announced in April 2023.

While these actions may be necessary for business sustainability, they can have a significant impact on employees’ mental health and well-being.

That's Where Outplacement Services Can Help!

💡What are Outplacement Services? It is the process of assisting employees who are leaving an organization to find new job opportunities, careers, or alternative paths with dignity. It provides support, resources, and guidance to help employees navigate the often stressful transition to new employment.

So, How Can Outplacement Services Benefit Employee Mental Health During Challenging Transitions? Let's Explore!

🔷 Improving Employee Morale and Motivation

🔷 Reducing Stress and Anxiety in Employees

🔷 Giving Hope and a Sense of Security

🔷 Providing The Right Tools For The Job Market

🔷 Offering Emotional Support and Counselling

🔷 Assisting in Identifying New Career Paths

🔷 Supporting With Personalized Outplacement Services Such As:

Outplacement Services not only benefit the individuals transitioning out but also has a positive impact on the morale and productivity of remaining employees. Prioritizing mental health during challenging times ultimately strengthens the employer-employee relationship and builds a more resilient and compassionate workplace.

When organizations invest in Outplacement Services they send a powerful message about their commitment to their employees’ overall well-being.

Tom Ka
Tom KaManagement & Sales Director | Senior Marketing & Sales Consultant
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Job loss is a Disease.
Chui and The Job Helpers team know the cure!

Want to Enhance and Execute a Smooth Employee Restructuring?

Together, we can navigate these transitions with empathy and support.
Do the right thing by taking care of your impacted employees and their families while protecting your company's reputation.

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