Key Skills to Add to Your Resume

Have you updated your soft and hard skills in your resume lately?

Updating your resume is not only about removing everything unnecessary in it. It is also about including and adding in the appropriate information in the correct format. So, what exactly is it that you must add? It is your skills! After all, we all know, your work experience throughout the years isn’t the only thing that will get you the job. Your skills will play an important role as well. This is because it will show how valuable of an employee you will be to your future employer. Make use of the Areas of Expertise section in your resume to include relevant skills that will showcase your expertise displaying key benefits you could offer to a potential company.

Hard Skills

When crafting your resume or preping for an interview, knowing your hard skills is essential. Consider incorporating some of the examples compiled by our experts down below:’

Here’s a list of 10 hard skills to include on a resume:

CopywritingForeign LanguagesData AnalysisComputer LanguagesGraphic DesignPlanning / Event PlanningSEO / SEM MarketingCertifications and LicensesProject ManagementCloud Computing

Listing any hard skills that are relevant, such as using a program or your proficiency in specific coding languages, will help demonstrate your knowledge in the field. If you are planning to expand on your technical skills, any certifications and courses that you have completed will prove beneficial to your professional development. In addition, it will also strengthen your resume and help you stand out from others in contention.

Soft Skills

The best way to describe your soft skills is to call them “people skills.” Soft skills are typically related to your social qualities that make up the “emotional intelligence.”

Here’s a list of 10 soft skills to include on a resume:

Time ManagementDecision MakingConflict ResolutionAdaptabilitySelf-motivationTeamworkCreativity LeadershipCommunicationSelf-awareness

Do not forget to include your soft skills in your resume. While your hard skills will showcase your knowledge about the field, and your soft skills will portray you as someone who has personal traits and the right temperament to be a valuable team player.

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