How to Update Your Resume in Three Easy Steps

If you are not getting about two to three interviews a week for every 10 jobs, you apply you want to start making changes to your resume.

Spring is right around the corner! That means the time has come for fresh air, blossoming flowers and a bit of traditional spring cleaning and as a job seeker, this is the best time for you to find employment. That is correct. This spring season get in the spirit of rejuvenation and rebirth as a chance to upgrade your resume


First Step – Resume Review

If you want to know where to begin, just start by reviewing your resume to find out what you could add or reduce and which sections you could upgrade. It is all about questioning yourself about the information you have provided on your resume. Another idea is to have a professional resume writer like us to review your resume for free and give you pointers on improvements. To get started with this process you can send us your resume by clicking this link, and we will be in touch with you within 48 hours.

Step Two – Add Keywords

Do you know what keywords to include in your resume? How to you use them to optimize your resume? These are questions you must ask yourself as this is what will make your resume look impactful. Therefore, if your resume is missing any of the above, it might be the right time you made changes to your resume. Have you heard that on average a hiring manager only spends about six seconds to scan a resume? That is all the time you get to impress them before they decide to bring you in for an interview or to put your application into the rejected pile. So, go through to make sure that your resume will make a lasting impression on a hiring manager within a few precious seconds.

Step Three – Focus on Content

Are you focused on emphasizing your accomplishments and achievements instead of listing out your job duties? If you are not sure about what content your resume must include, read the job description and think of it as a question paper. Think of each bullet point as a question and then answer it with an example/s from a previous or current role. This technique should help you focus your experiences to a specific role you are targeting without overthinking or adding content that will clutter your resume and take precious real estate away from you.

If you do not feel confident in using keywords or need help understanding the flow of the resume, contact a professional resume writing expert like us to review your resume for you at no charge. We can help you double the number of interviews that you are getting by adding up-to-date content and the correct keywords and measurable results to help you stand out from the crowd.

Allow our experts to review your resume by clicking this link so you can receive professional advice on how to upgrade and to find out how you stack up with other likeminded professionals in the industry!

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