On average, there are over 250 resumes are sent to corporate job openings, and about four to six candidates get interviewed while the job is offered to the candidate who is most suited for the position and the company. So, the process of job searching can be a daunting task. You might have heard this term when preparing yourself for a job search: “just be yourself.” However, this advice is rather universal so, it is important to know how to reflect your skills and accomplishments while letting your personality shine. Here are some ways to keep your cover letter professional while outshining others with your unique personality.

Begin with a Self-Assessment

How much of your personality should you include in your cover letter? To help you with this question, you can easily perform a “black-marker test.”

Here is how it works: your cover letter should be printed first and with a black marker black out your name, so you are unbiased in your findings. Now when reading it, could someone else be mistaken for what you have put down in your cover letter? Without any changes, can your name be replaced by another professional if they use the rest of the cover letter?

You aren’t alone if the “black-marker test” failed your cover letter. A language that is boilerplate is used by many candidates who wants to play safe, and most cover letters read and look identical due to that reason. So, accurately representing your personality and accomplishments are essential when writing a strong, purposeful cover letter.

Understanding the Culture of the Company

The reason to personalize your cover letter is to demonstrate how you are a great fit for the company culture and the position opening. Getting along with others is paramount to your success, and that is the impression you want to make in a hiring manager mind. Therefore, when you are writing a cover letter, you must strike the right balance of your personality and skills by doing research into the company culture.

A great place to learn about the culture of the company is on their official website. Does the company introduce executives with cartoon drawings and personal anecdotes by breaking the mold? Your quirky side can be showcased if so by sharing a bit more about your creative side. Your personality incorporated should be balanced and weighed carefully if you find formal professional profiles and black-and-white headshots to match traditional corporate formalities.

If you want to learn more about the company, you can read about company blog articles or look them up on LinkedIn to understand the style of leadership and the company values.

Pay attention to any form of mismatch during your research as this may not be the best place for you to work if the hierarchical structure is not complimenting your skills and value you as a contributor to the growth of their company. Learn more about our services for your cover letter today!

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