How to Pick the Correct Resume Template

A resume is the one thing that will help you make a great first impression on your hiring manager when seeking for employment.

To make sure you’re doing your best, you will have to craft your resume in a way that it will stand out among all the other applications. Using resume samples for guidance is one of the ways of doing it. To help you out a bit, we have gathered information pertaining to various industries and trades, shared by our very own professional resume writers. Use these tips as a basis, and you will be all set to write a guaranteed job-winning resume before you know it!

Layout is Key

Proofreading a resume is important and getting feedback on your resume is one way to do it. Resume samples help a great deal even if you are writing the first resume in your life or have written many resumes with no luck (callbacks) after submitting the applications. You can go through the many available resume samples online to find a specific resume with the right layout to convey your story.

Looks Can be Deceiving

A resume that is colorful, pretty and creative may be appealing to look at, but it will not get you past the system that many companies are known to use to scan resumes. This system is called the ATS or the Applicant Tracking System. It is a software that scans through all the applications based on a few details of the resume. The ATS system picks and chooses which resumes will go forward to the hiring manager’s desk based on content, format, and length. Therefore, always craft your resume keeping the keyword tracking systems in mind. Instead of bold or fancy fonts, make your resume simple, to the point and make sure to use keywords in it.


An average resume is mostly two pages long so knowing that you have very little space to work with, you have to decide which details are most important to be put in your resume. You have to choose the information that will tell your career story in the best possible way and highlight why you are the best candidate for the job. Arranging the information and details in the correct order and placing them in the right places on your resume is crucial to the success of your job search. In addition, the way you communicate your accomplishments and achievements, if possible, using resume action words and keywords, is imperative. Hiring managers look for specific details on candidate resumes and using a template will surely help to have the all the components of a good resume. Going through resume samples will give you a clearer picture of the type of details the recruiter will be looking for and will help you to highlight your achievements better.

Don’t Use a Resume Template, Ever

At The Job Helpers, we don’t recommend you use resume format as most job seekers have not received the intended results since there is a higher chance that someone interviewing for an open position has used the same format, so you might not be able to differentiate yourself from others. We can help your job search by writing the best possible resume for you with the resume format Fortune 100 companies prefer when selecting candidates for an open position. Once you have revised your resume, use the free resume critique of ours to get confidential feedback on your resume from our experts to see how well you did!

You are the Person Who can Convey your Career Story the Best. True or False?

You may be a fresh job seeker or an applicant who has not had much luck getting past the system or landing an interview with the resume. Communicating your career story on your resume is important, but communicating only the relevant details to the target audience is vital. Professional resume writers know what exactly the recruiters are looking for in a candidate. They will be able to highlight your achievements and accomplishments and bring out characteristics you may have thought irrelevant. This degree of professional storytelling will not be available from just resume templates or samples alone.

No luck getting your resume past the ATS system? Make use of our offer of professional resume-writing services and take advantage of our guarantee that you will get twice as more interviews in the next 60 days.

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