How to Find a Job in 3 Days

Here is a little job seeker secret: job searching should never take more than a month. You heard that right! The trick to a short job search is knowing all the right steps in the job searching process and knowing where to look to land a new job successfully.

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Ready to get the job you love in 3 short days? Let’s dive in to find out.

Day 1- Preparing

Day 1 of your search should consist of finding opportunities that interest you. Make sure you update your social media profiles and plan to be active in platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter during your job search. Use a website such as Glassdoor or LinkedIn to determine your salary and take time to read reviews of companies to understand the company culture and their hiring process.

Update your profiles on popular career websites (Indeed, Glassdoor, Zip Recruiter, etc.) with missing information as you launch your career search. Don’t forget to update your resume with the correct keywords before you upload it to different job boards.

Next, create a list of companies and job openings you are interested in and follow through by doing research about the company. Make sure to find them on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter as you learn about the organization’s latest updates.

Day 2 – Applying

Advertising your skill-set through social media and job boards is what you must start doing during the second day of your job search. After narrowing down the list of companies you want to apply, you should enhance your resume with the correct keywords and measurable results that are related to each job.

Did you already apply for a few roles? Don’t stop there. Connect with individuals among these companies you wish to work for so you get to know the role and the company culture firsthand. Spend the rest of the day reading interview questions and learning more about the company and your role because you never know how quick or slow employers and recruiters will move forward with your application. Be ready to answer any questions if a recruiter reaches out to you for a phone interview. Make sure to spend time reviewing how others have done during a job interview as you prepare.

Day 3 – Locking It In

When you receive responses from recruiters or hiring managers for the jobs you have applied for, make sure to thank them for the opportunity and discuss the next steps within the same day. Be ready and always stay focused to avoid getting yourself caught off-guard. A quick chat or a phone interview usually takes 30 minutes and should never be any longer. Be prepared for behavioral, hypothetical, probing and open-ended questions during the initial screening round. For example, expect questions like, “Why does this position interest you?”. Also, “Why do you think this role is a good fit for you?”. You have to remember to stay calm and make yourself comfortable during each step of the job searching process.

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