How Outplacement Services Benefit Both Organizations and Employees

In today's rapidly changing job market, organizations are facing a challenging task of managing layoffs and workforce transitions.

The need for effective Outplacement Services has increased as companies recognize the benefits they provide to both employees and the organization as a whole.

🇺🇸 8 out of 10 Americans Believe Offering Outplacement Services:

  1. Improves their image of the organization
  2. Signifies that employers care about their employees’ future
  3. Reduces negative publicity via word-of-mouth
Top 4 Benefits of Outplacement Services for Organizations

1. Maintain a Positive Online Presence and a Good Brand Reputation👏🏻:

The right service can stop negative social media and reviews before they start. Outplacement providers like us, have strategies in place to shift an employee’s focus away from the uncertainties caused by job loss and toward the possibilities of a supported new career move.

2. Mitigate The Severe Risk and Sky-High Cost of Litigation 🚩:

If companies have no option but to lay off employees, the most convenient and risk-free place to turn to would be an outplacement expert. They will direct you through the process or execute it with measures such as giving employees ample notice, remaining transparent, and enabling former employees to succeed outside the company.

3. Increase The Likelihood of Rehiring Ex-employees 🤝🏻:

An enterprising way of bolstering brand reputation is providing outplacement services that assist impacted employees to land jobs quickly while helping the company maintain a positive relationship with the ones they may want to rehire.

4. Do the Right Thing, Be Kind and Humane 🫂:

Making decision-makers aware of the severe consequences layoffs can have on the impacted employees could encourage leaders to take action to hire an outplacement provider with an interview guarantee. This emotional appeal convinces many leaders to provide outplacement services to displaced workers. With no complex reasons and no hidden agenda, it’s simply the right thing to do.

Top 4 Benefits of Outplacement Services for Employees

1. Improved Career Transition Support 🤝🏻:

Provides employees with valuable assistance in navigating the job market and finding new employment.

2. Reduced Stress and Enhanced Emotional Support 💞:

Being available for impacted employees with professional support can help them cope with the emotional challenges associated with job loss, boost their confidence, and maintain a positive outlook during their job search.

3. Increased Job Search Effectiveness 📈:

Offers employees valuable resources including access to job boards, networking opportunities, and industry contacts, develop and refine their job search strategies, leading to more targeted and successful job applications.

4. Continued Professional Development 🔂:

Provides resources for upskilling and reskilling employees. This can include access to online learning materials, workshops, webinars, and assessments to enhance their skills and increase their marketability

The Job Helpers – Outplacement Services 
We help companies protect their brand reputation while supporting 
transitioning employees land their next opportunity faster!

Want to Enhance and Execute a Smooth Employee Restructuring Process?

Together, we can navigate these transitions with empathy and support.
Do the right thing by taking care of your impacted employees and their families while protecting your company's reputation.

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