Consider a Career in Clean Energy

Why the Number of Available Green Jobs are Increasing Every Day and Why You Should Consider a Career in Clean Energy

Movements in the climate change and the environment are great causes for concern during our time. It has led to many companies going green which as a result has increased the amount of green jobs in the world.

Organizations want to hire people with knowledge about Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The demand for people with such knowledge is growing every day as more companies are going green to help save the fast-changing climate and environment. A survey done in 2015 showed the number of jobs available in five major clean-energy sectors: Energy Efficiency, Fuels, Clean Distributions, Advanced Vehicles, and Renewable Energy Generation. Energy efficiency had the highest number of jobs available at 1,880,148. If you are interested in pursuing a career in the clean energy sector, you may want to consider the above-mentioned sectors.

Environmental Scientists

Companies may be looking for environmental scientists for various purposes. One of which would be to study the effects of changes in the population and its growth. Another would be to provide help and advice to organizations and businesses to help follow environmental laws and to avoid running into issues that could slow them down when planning to start new projects.

Professionals who construct Green Buildings

The demand has also increased for people who design, maintain and build green construction. Engineers, auditors, architects, urban planners and more will be in charge of running every function of such green buildings. This will include energy, landscapes and water, and waste systems.

Environmental, Solar and Water Engineers

The job of a water engineer is to concentrate on the quality and conservation of the water. She/he must also focus on finding ways to utilize the water in the most efficient manner. The responsibilities of an environmental engineer include the cleaning up of contaminated areas, meeting the terms of both federal and state regulations and the wastewater treatment. Solar engineers are commonly responsible for the designing and planning of projects that utilize solar energy. They must also implement and execute it.

Protection and Science Technicians

These technicians oversee monitoring the changes in the environment. They usually work teaming up with engineers, other technicians, and scientists. Their work requires them to conduct tests on samples from the environment, keep an eye on pollution levels and assess different businesses for any hazards caused to the environment.

Corporate Sustainability Professionals

Companies and its owners want to be more responsible about the environment. To help realize this and become sustainable corporate citizens and to carry out environmental practices, organizations hire sustainability professionals. This has become a top priority as in 2015 alone investments into clean energy came to a whopping 54 billion dollars and we should start seeing the ROI’s in 2019!

Do you need help to land a green job? Boost your resume with a few green experiences by starting up sustainable practices at the company you are currently working for and if you do not work for a green company, here are some activities you can do to become green:

1. Plant trees and flowers nearby. 2. Start a program for recycling at your workplace. 3. Volunteer to work at non-profit organizations that work on building green initiatives and projects.

4. Invite your friends and co-workers volunteer. 5. Establish a gardening club.

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