A Simple Design or a Graphic Resume?

Should a resume include graphics or just keeping it simple the way to go? We have received this question from job seekers too many times, so we are going to analyze which option is better for you during a job search.

Keyword Friendly Content

Your resume will first pass through an applicant tracking system (ATS) which would skim the document searching for familiar text, formatting, and keywords. Therefore, if your resume has images and fails to pass through, it will surely be eliminated and will not be seen by a hiring manager. Passing the ATS is more important as that’s the first step that is required to get to any employers or managers desk. So, keeping your resume clear with suitable content, brief and straightforward would be ideal.


Employers or a manager will only be looking for specific details of your resume mentioned in different sections. Although they are willing to gather information, keep in mind that these professionals will spend no more than 6 seconds finding the content that is appealing to them. If your resume doesn’t qualify to provide all necessary details within 6 seconds, the chances are that your resume will probably be passed on for a candidate who has a better format. Employers and recruiters are typically quite busy and adding graphics, and other ornamental images will only consume their time to look for specific information so, using a simple format will most likely work in your favor.

Creative Mindset

If you are creative and wish to show off your skills during the job application process, try using a design that can be read by automated keyword scanning systems. Developing your image through personal branding like building a web page could also be a viable option to show your imagination. Proving your skills through a web page, blog, adding multimedia links to your own LinkedIn profile could also introduce your online portfolio better, and these methods will certainly help you to show your unique flair instead of selling yourself short with a graphical resume that cannot be read by computer programs.

Now that you understand the difference between a traditional format vs. the graphical format keeping things clear and simple is what is important. Getting a quality resume done to pass the bots and end up impressing your manager or employer is not an easy task so why not hand over this hefty task to an expert like us? We have team members who have written more than 10,000 resumes and recruiters who have been in the industry for over 20 years so we can easily double the amount of interviews you are getting with your current resume.

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