3 Resume Mistakes and How To Correct Them

Resume Mistakes Keeping You from Landing a Job Interview? Here is a Step by Step Guide to Help You Change Things Around

Are you getting an automated response within minutes letting you know that they have moved on with other candidates that better fit their open position?

It is a common phenomenon among job seekers, and we want to make sure your resume works in your favor and not against you.

Imagine this: You have been able to find the perfect job requiring the exact experience you possess, however, are you having trouble getting interviews due to the automated rejections from employers?

Get Around the ATS (Employer Resume Scanning Software)

If this is, you there is no need to panic as there are several ways to get around automated rejections. One of the easiest ways is for you to look for the recruiter’s or the hiring manager’s email and name and add them to your cover letter. This move will bring you closer to the company decision makers and the hiring process in general. Then add in a few new lines describing your latest job and attach your resume to the same email and send it. Looking for a job you are interested in is difficult enough as and finding a job role that perfectly fit all your requirements can take time. Each job application will require some effort, time and will come with the need for your resume to be modified and tailored according to the specific job position and role that you are targeting.

Avoid Grammar and other Resume Mistakes

Grammatical errors and typos are very common in resumes, and over 55% hiring managers will eliminate candidates who have grammar or spelling errors. Unfortunately, those two types of errors are not the only kind of mistakes they look for in a resume. It is quite possible that your resume has various issues, such as out of date mission statements, objective statements, formatting, or lack keywords to make it ATS friendly.

Address Gaps in Employment Head On

Employment gaps in the resume with no explanation is a common, and it will portray a hollow impression about you during your job search. So, make space to describe how you have been productive through learning a new skill, or how you have managed to help your favorite charity that shows your impact to your local community.

Even though you make mistakes during a job search, you can always work on fixing lose ends and improve for the better. Make sure that you maximize your time and potential by getting our help through a free resume evaluation. As seasoned experts, we can position your skills stand out to a hiring manager, so they see you an asset to their company. We can also help you address all the potential issues that your resume may have by highlighting your skills, experience, and qualifications in a way that makes you the ideal candidate for your dream job. Need personalized advice for your resume? Click here and submit your resume to our team for an evaluation!

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