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Sixteen years ago, I traveled from 85-degree Sri Lanka to -50-degree weather in fabulous Fargo, North Dakota. I was 19, homeless, living out of 2 suitcases after my one-way trip to the dreamland.

Today, I am an MBA graduate with over 15 years of experience helping clients in numerous prestigious small, medium, and large-scale organizations.

When I came up with the idea to establish The Job Helpers, I was out of a job. I went through the same grueling procedure that most job seekers do. My health insurance was running out, and I had to find employment fast with a baby on the way. On the 28th day of my job hunt, I received an offer from a world-renowned Microsoft partner, and I’ve been applying the strategies I learned to support others to succeed.

Today, we have a great team of resume writers who have written 15,000+ resumes, recruiters with 20+ years of experience, and career experts who have helped job seekers receive job offers within 2-3 weeks.

Here are some ways The Job Helpers have contributed to the success of over 50,000 job seekers:

  • Free resume evaluations for job seekers to help them effectively assess their job search.
  • Rebuilding resumes with the correct keywords Fortune-level companies prefer when hiring top talent.
  • Creating cover letters portraying the value and impact with compelling examples.
  • Identifying soft and hard skills employers are looking for in a candidate and recommending a match.
  • Creating content for the LinkedIn profile to be visible for top recruiters and hiring managers.
  • Guiding candidates to keep track of job applications through an online job tracker.
  • Offering advice on SEO and recruiter-friendly social media optimization strategies.
  • Hosting career development sessions focusing on short and long-term goals.

As the CEO, it’s a job well done when I achieve my goals, which is to help job seekers worldwide find employment fast. I’m living my dream, and so can you!

Improve Your Chance of Finding Employment Fast


93% of all top tier companies use
Applicant Tracking System (ATS)
to remove 75% job applications!

When you build your resume with the correct requirements, qualifications and criteria of keywords, you stand a better chance of getting called for an interview.

So getting through the employer’s ATS is your first obstacle! This is where we come in.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose The Job Helpers services?
We guarantee 4 interviews for every 10 job applications.

We will not promise what we can not deliver.  Our guarantee is tried, tested, and proven to be 100% accurate.  Our clients are guaranteed to land 4 interviews for every 10 job submissions, and if they do not, we have pledged to redo their documents for FREE 5 times per month until successfully employed.

Did you Know?

The job market is one of the most volatile industries in the US. According to LinkedIn, there are about 500 applications submitted for an open position, out of which about 75% of applicants get rejected by employers' ATS software systems (Applicant Tracking System), and the average time a recruiter spends reviewing a resume is less than 7 seconds!

Data does not lie –  job seekers are in heavy competition and under a time crunch to get short-listed for an interview! Given the ever-changing trends of the industry, it's almost impossible for candidates to keep up. That is why most forward-thinking professionals seek the assistance of experts and accountable career services to help them with their job search.

With our services and brand guarantee, you can get hired in less than 30 days.
What is the FREE resume review offer?

Since the job market is competitive for anyone looking for employment, a free resume review is a service that we offer to someone mid-career or about to launch their career to determine how their resume stack up with other candidates and potential job opportunities. It's a way for us to offer grammar and applicant tracking system checks (ATS) to all candidates, active or passive, during a job search and educate them on the latest hiring trends, resume formats, ageism, and how to market themselves correctly.

After offering over 150,000 resume reviews in the past 7+ years, we know that many candidates make their resumes a biography or a list of responsibilities instead of creating a marketing document, preventing them from being called for an interview. Hence, they keep applying for positions after making cosmetic changes to their resume without addressing critical issues that get them rejected. Therefore, during the free resume review, our experts accurately identify inconsistencies in candidates' resumes and help them position keywords, phrases, topics, terminology, vocabulary, competencies, years of experience, and accomplishments.  

This exercise highlights three areas where inconsistencies could prevail in a resume. Those are:


  1. Absence of numerical data
  2. Word count and ATS keywords
  3. Grammar errors and lack of expertise
How do The Job Helpers services benefit during an active or passive job search?

85% of hiring happens on LinkedIn, and it's fundamental to have your LinkedIn content optimized to be a top search result and grab the attention of the recruiter.

During a passive job search, a recruiter contacts candidates via LinkedIn primarily and asks them to provide an updated resume. During an active job search, it's critical to understand employer expectations, build content to reflect requirements, qualifications, and criteria, and match them with examples, samples, and tangible and intangible results.

Our job here at The Job Helpers is to meet these demanding requirements on behalf of our clients by providing them with optimized content, customized documentation, and applicable career advice to impress an employer, key decision maker, recruiter, or influencer for a successful (active or passive) job search.

What's the timeline for The Job Helpers resume service?

The timeline for the resume service is 5-7 business days. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Discovery interview with a career management coach for 30-45 minutes on a recorded phone call/zoom session.

Step 2: The resume writer will find up to 100 jobs (review job descriptions) out on job boards like

Indeed, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Zip Recruiter, and company websites fit the client's expectations based on location, job titles, and salary and build the resume.

Step 3: The editor will use an online thesaurus, MS Word spell-checker, and Grammarly when proofreading the resume.

Step 4: The quality assurance team will cross-check all details and information sent by the client with the new resume built by reading through the client's previous resume and any additional content sent as an email or as an attachment.

Step 5: ATS (Application Tracking System) checks to match the keywords in the client's resume to get a match rate of over 80%.

The client will receive the first draft of the resume within 5-7 business days to review and revert with changes. Once the draft is finalized, the client will receive the LinkedIn content and the cover letter after 24 hours. Based on the bundled service client purchased, job searching, LinkedIn networking, and interview preparation sessions will occur. The career management coach will also conduct a session to review changes and improvements and work with the writing team to provide updated documents.

How qualified are The Job Helpers writers?

We hire the best writers in the industry, and some of our writers have over 20 years of experience as recruiters. Others have written over 10,000 resumes, and we only include industry-specific working professionals. So, if you are wondering if we can cater to your unique situation, there is a very high chance that one of our resume writers has worked with a client who has a similar background to yours.

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Meet The Team

Chui Senanayake, MBA

Chief Executive OfficeR

Joe Sabatino


Brian Waidyatilake

Head of Writing Operations (C.P.R.W.)

Michael Rosayro

Chief Operations Officer

Nem Weer

Director of Job Searching

Steve Ghimire

Client Success Manager


Chui Senanayake, MBA

Chief Executive Officer

Chui founded The Job Helpers with a single goal in mind: to assist every job seeker in increasing their chances of finding work faster. He had been unemployed for 15 days when he conceived the idea after having had to go through the same agonizing procedure that most job seekers do. His wife was six months pregnant, expecting their first kid, and their insurance was about to run out by the end of the month. As a result, Chui needed to figure out a quick way to locate work. Chui was finally hired on the 28th day of his job hunt, after numerous efforts. Since then, Chui has been successfully applying his knowledge and insight to help over 15,000 job seekers find employment. What started as a solution to a challenge he faced in his personal life has now turned in to a leading career consulting firm. TJH currently assists working people, job seekers, career changers, entrepreneurs & leaders with their job-search, branding, leadership, HR and career development.


Bryan Waidyatilake

Head of Writing Operations (C.P.R.W.)

Brian has written over 5,000 resumes and finds it a satisfying exercise. He is passionate about assisting customers in landing their dream jobs and achieving their career goals. Brian has a knack to transform customer profiles that may seem average into outstanding profiles by emphasizing and optimizing their skills, qualifications, experience, and achievements to get hired fast. He ensures that customers get 4 interviews out of 10 submissions when they apply for an open position with his highly qualified, and vastly experienced resume writing skills.

Jennifer Satterfield

Chief People Officer

Jenn collaborates with a team of 25+ resume writers that have written over 10,000 resumes, 20+ year recruiters, and career specialists who have assisted over 15,000 job seekers. Jenn also has over 25 years of HR, Payroll, HR and Benefits, Accounting, and Finance experience and organizing event registrations for over 5,000 domestic and international technology users.

Michael Rosayro

Chief Operations Officer

Michael has been with the company since its inception and is our go-to guy behind the scenes. Michael actively works with clients to highlight their career and personal accomplishments correctly, using proven job searching techniques to achieve their work-life goals. He has dedicated himself to working with over 30,000 business leaders to find meaningful employment by positioning their skills, personality, and aptitude through personal branding and helping them to give a great first impression to their future employers.

Nem Weer

Director of Job Searching

Throughout the job search process, Nem enjoys engaging and working with clients. She is passionate about empowering others to shine with confidence as they start on new adventurous professional paths, pursue their passions, and live their lives to the fullest. She has boosted the confidence of over 10,000 senior-level executives in their search for their dream job, resulting in greater professional success.

Ron Iverson

Director of Client Engagement

Ron is passionate about helping job seekers land their dream job fast. He has over 30 years of experience working with clients from all walks of life, including executives, directors, managers, and individual contributors. His goal is to help clients recognize and celebrate the value they will bring to their next employer while providing expert guidance in walking through the complexities of a job search.


Steve Ghimire

Client Success Manager

Steve is passionate about helping job seekers land their dream job fast. He has over 10 years of experience working with clients from all walks of life, including executives, directors, managers, and individual contributors. His goal is to help clients recognize and celebrate the value they will bring to their next employer while providing expert guidance in walking through the complexities of a job search.

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