Clearing out Your Resume

Clear out your resume by getting rid of outdated and old-fashioned information and bringing your resume up to date is the best way to tidy it. A resume you typed out in 2009 will not help you get to where you need to be in this competitive world.

Avoid the Black Hole of Job Searching

Freeing your resume from outdated information and updating it to a new and more modern/cleaner format will help you take on the black hole of job search by leaving a lasting impression on any recruiter.

Remove the Objective Statement

Nobody uses an objective statement on their resume anymore. Instead, they use a professional summary which is the industry standard today. So, make that change to your resume now!

Your professional experience as of recent times is what is most important and experts in the industry will recommend listing 10-15 years of experience as that is typically what employers or hiring managers are looking for in a resume. Therefore, no harm will be done if you change your work history a bit by removing dates and positions from over 15 years.

Give Priority to Resume Optimization

Adding in keywords about the job openings you are hoping to land is a great way to update your resume as it will help your resume get past the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) which is innovative software that scans resumes before they make it to the HR manager’s desk.

Need help in identifying what you need to remove from your resume? Sign up for a free resume evaluation by clicking this link and we work with you to review and build a professional resume that is keyword optimized to turn heads of hiring managers.

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